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What is the difference between SSD and SSD-Cached?
Hi Guys

Does any one knows which is better ? 

SSD or SSD-cached ? If possible please explain the major advantages and disadvantages for both compared to Sata Hdd
The SSD drive is pure solid state drive which has the fastest I/O amoung the SSD, SSD-cached and SATA HDD
A pure SSD is great. It is much faster than a normal HDD, or than a HDD with SSD Cache.
The pure SSD is expensive than a normal HDD, or than a HDD with SSD Cache because it works much faster.

The hybrid SSHD is a combination of standard sata HDD+SSD cache will have a classic HDD combined with a small SSD used as cache and managed by the firmware of the SSHD, slower I/O than pure SSD.
A SSD Cache (separate drive) works along normal HDD. It can speed up load times and softwares programs that you regularly use. It copy the load files onto the SSD cache.
A HDD with an SSD cache on it will be slightly faster than normal HDD.
Performance wise Pure SSD will have Highest Speed and Performance

PureSSD > SSD - Cached > Normal Sata HDD

Price Wise , Pure SSD is the most Expensive but it is worth if you require faster I/O and I normally suggest the SSD drives for OS and Mysql Instalaltion Drive in a server and Will keep /home as seperate HDD with a Sata.
I will say select according to your need. If you need fastest I/O read write speed, then defenitly go with Full SSD. and if you have issue with the Rate of pure SSD, then go with SSD - cached which is much better than Normal HDD.

Both will be able to give more performance than a normal Sata Drive.

I hope this helps.

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