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cpanel additional ip's not working after main ip's device name change
After changing an eth device name of main ip cpanel additional ip's are not working . Any idea how to fix this ?

Was there any error getting while restarting the ipaliases ?
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I found the fix for this. It was simple one. Since cpanel ip aliases do not have any entry for the same in the /etc/sysconfig/network_scripts folder, I checked the etc folder and can see that old eth device name was having a reference to /etc/wwwacct.conf

eno16774534 is the old one and ens1670 new one.

I replaced the same and /scripts/restartsrv_ipaliases and all is fine after that.

Hope this will help some one in future.

-bash-4.2# diff /etc/wwwacct.conf /etc/wwwacct.conf.old
< ETHDEV ens1670
> ETHDEV eno16774534

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