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Full Version: Name server Question
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Hi guys

I need your suggestion whether I should use registrar nameserver / nameserver on the same hosting server / or any public dns services or setup a dns cluster. 

I have more than 600 domains in my dedicated server and many ask the best option and its pro's and cons etc


Best option will be getting a 2 - 3 VPS from 34 different providers and 3 different locations. Setup DNS Only cpanel in all the three servers and use these 3 servers as Nameservers for all the domins. In this case, If your Webserver is down, you still have access to DNS and can change the dns to new server if the old server will take days to get back online.. Another case if the domains wil work even if any of these VPS is Down for maintenace or OS issues which makes you more reliable. Since the cpanel-dns only is not having any extra cost for license a $5 vps will be more than enough for dns only servers.

If you just want to avoid this setup and working, then you can also consider a good dns service provider and use their service but need to check the reliablity and reviews before signing up.

Hope this helps !!


Thanks Edward for your valuable suggestion on this !!!!