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Full Version: MagicSpam Installation getting failed in plesk server
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Hi Guys

I am tired of looking for a fix and nothing in google as well

Server is a centos 7 latest version and plesk 17.5 version. What ever I do plesk is not able to install magicspam free version from plesk and is looking for that to get fixed

Error getting while trying to install the extension is the below

Installation of extension has failed

Execution of /usr/local/psa/tmp/modulehfmXQh/plib/scripts/pre-install.php failed with exit code 1 and the output:
Failed to find operating system package manager rpm or dpkg.
Contact with full details of your installation for assistance.


Any idea
Please check the permission of rpm binary and change that to 755 if 700. If LES is installed it will change that to 700 and that is the issue